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radon mitigation

Many people don’t know what Radon is and aren’t aware of the danger that comes with high levels of Radon in their home.

Radon is considered a silent poison, with no taste or smell. It is also the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States! What’s even worse is that it is impossible to detect without the proper equipment.

Fortunately, H&H Electric can keep you and your family safer with Radon Mitigation Systems. We are proud to offer radon mitigation system installation and services to help monitor the radon levels in your home. 

Don’t give Radon a chance to impact your home’s safety. Call us today schedule your radon mitigation system installation.

The H&H Electric Benefits


Whether your home is big or small, you can feel confident that our experienced and certified team can help you keep your family safe promptly and accurately through our radon mitigation systems.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind from our service guarantees on radon mitigation systems. And when it comes to testing your home on a routine basis, you won't need to find an electrician who values your family's safety, because you've already got one.

Less Disruption

We've created a process dedicated to minimizing the disruption of your system installation and servicing. From the moment you reach out for installation to your annual radon testing, we're focused on quickly keeping your family safe.

The H&H Electric Experience

Tell Us About
Your Home

When you contact us, you will hear back within one business day. Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions about radon that you may have and get your home on the road to safety quickly.

We'll Send A Qualified Electrician

Our electricians are experienced, qualified and certified. Your dedicated team will be focused on mitigating your home's radon levels quickly and accurately.

Your Project Completed On Time

You'll sleep well knowing that your home and family are protected from radon. Furthermore, our guarantee stands in place for all radon mitigation system installations and service needs.